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Legacy Planning

Looking to invest not only in your future but in the future of your loved ones?  Here are a few of the vehicles we use to protect you and your heirs.


For example, we may consider the following: Individual Stocks (Equities), Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Mutual Funds, Options, Alternative Investments and/or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)


Fixed and Variable Annuities; Life Insurance plans and Long Term Care Insurance


We assist our clients in managing the following types of plans: Employer Sponsored 401(k), Traditional, SEP and Rollover IRAs, 529 College Savings Plans, UTMAs, UGMAs, 403(b)s


We offer competitive CDs, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Money Market Account Solutions


Sophisticated cash management options.

Wealth management products including lending, cash management, trust solutions, and managed accounts through Pershing and BNY Mellon.


We offer securities-based lending, margin and other credit instruments to help leverage your retirement plans such as renovations, travel and other fun projects. 


Our partnership with Pershing LLC, the Dreyfus Bank Deposit Sweep Program insures The program enables you to safeguard a substantial portion of your assets through a highly liquid interest bearing accounts.  The Dreyfus Insured Deposit Program employs a “multi-bank” investment approach to significantly increase your total FDIC insurance coverage up to $2.5 million ($5,000,000.00 for joint accounts).




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