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Monitor, Manage, Rebalance and Repeat


Our clients' portfolios may evolve over time because life events occur, people change jobs, unexpected fortunes or challenges arise, and/or retirement approaches. 


Investment Portfolios are actively managed and monitored on an ongoing basis by meeting with our clients to discuss any new goals and determine if there have been any changes to the old.


The Tailored Approach 


The foundation of managing client investments, providing prudent guidelines and a general framework to make investment decisions is based on the information exchanged in the 1st meeting.    


Your investment portfolio is designed considering your investment objectives, concerns and interests.


We cater to your social and environmental Market interests.  Investment selections are based on you as a person and your risk tolerance. 





The 1st Meeting 


The initial step is to learn more about you and fully understand your expectations in working with our team.


We begin with an Investment Policy Statement. A written investment policy helps to clearly and concisely identify individual financial objectives and constraints.  Unique preferences based on client-specific information such as tax considerations and household circumstances are identified.


We have found our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire to be helpful because it is structured to assist in the recommendation of the asset allocation based on your investment time horizon, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.  











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